Advisory Services

Advisory Services

Through our Affiliate Network we can deliver a full range of Advisory Services, providing a
single source for your consulting and project needs.

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Advisory Services Include:

Back-office Accounting & Bookkeeping

As a business owner focused on managing operations and creating shareholder value, you seldom have time to oversee your accounting department. Our Affiliates have experienced accounting professionals that can handle day-to-day tasks.  They provide you with an outsourced accounting team possessing strong accounting knowledge, vast experience across multiple industries and accounting system expertise.

Our back office accounting team consists of CPAs or professionals with similar experiences and backgrounds.

Corporate Investigations and Business Intelligence

Depending on the specific objectives of each case our Affiliates and we can work closely with In-House Counsel or as required with Outside Counsel. Our Affiliates understand the different customs and cultures throughout Latin America. This can provide you, the client, with specific insights on how to best conduct business, and develop effective investigative case management strategies specific to the country or region.

Financial Reporting Preparation

Our Affiliates can draft the annual (10-K) and quarterly (10-Q) financial statements and footnotes as required by the SEC, as well as S-1’s, S-4’s, 8-K’s, or other filings. Our team of professionals are current on all recent reporting literature and will ensure that all necessary disclosures are considered and captured in the public filings. This skill set can also be applied to privately-held companies, and our Affiliates can draft the report which will ultimately be presented to owners, financial institutions, prospective buyers, or other third parties.

Forensic Accounting, FCPA and Investigations

Our Affiliates draw their professionals from law enforcement, corporate investigation, business intelligence, legal, forensic accounting, and IT forensics backgrounds to conduct specialist investigations into:

  • fraud & corruption
  • whistle-blowing allegations
  • theft & asset misappropriation
  • digital forensics and cyber security
  • US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (“FCPA”) violations
  • embezzlement
  • related party transactions
  • conflicts of interest
  • non-compliance

Global Engagements, Public Affairs, and Communications

Covers a wide array of services including creative strategies to solve unique business challenges. These strategies can include building specific global connections and profile plans.

Government Affairs, Engagement & Advisory (GAEA)

GAEA services include intelligence around strategic country entry such as stakeholder identification and engagement strategies. Our Affiliates can also provide political insight, assistance and advisory regarding regulations, public policy issues advisory, and crisis management. 


Our Affiliates can help you achieve your strategic goals, whether it be through a reverse merger, acquisition, divestiture, joint venture, IPO, or APO. They have the expertise to assist you with all the steps along the way. As Alternative Public Offerings (APO’s) are commonplace in the arena of smaller reporting companies (one of our niche markets), our Affiliates have mastered the skill set required to guide a private operating company through a merger with a public “shell”. They also have the ability to perform option/warrant valuation services, whether it be via the Black-Scholes model or the more complex lattice model.

Mergers & Acquisitions Due Diligence

Our Affiliates can assist acquirers evaluate a target company or its assets for a potential M&A transaction. Their team of experienced professionals can perform on-site due diligence procedures which will determine the state of the underlying records, determine if any adjustments are needed to convert the records from local (foreign) books to U.S. books, identify business risks and make the necessary improvement recommendations, and perform other agreed upon procedures as requested. By allowing our Affiliates the opportunity to perform its due diligence procedures, you can rest assured that your M&A target will be examined from top to bottom, which will enable you to make the correct strategic decisions.

Outsourced CFO & Controller Services

Our Affiliates can provide you with the benefits of a full-time controller or CFO without the “full-time expense”. They can provide assistance with budgeting and cost analysis, developing policies and procedures, and other services to help you reach your goals, while freeing you and your management team to focus on your core business.

PBC (“Prepared By Client”) Supporting Schedule Development

Our Affiliates can assist clients with all aspects of the PBC (“Prepared By Client”)/Supporting Schedule Development process and acts as a liaison between management and the external firms. They review bookkeeping for complex transactions to ensure compliance with technical rules, and regulations, and prepare schedules and calculations requested by the external firms. The teams work with many firms which specialize in smaller reporting companies, so they understand what the external firms require to complete their reviews.

Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance

Our Affiliates can help your company establish effective internal control over financial reporting through a top-down, risk-based approach. They will help rationalize the critical risks, identify the key controls, develop evidence supporting controls design and operating effectiveness, drive accountability for compliance throughout the organization, and act as the liaison between company management and the external firms/attestation process under AS No. 5. We understand that the non-accelerated filers and smaller reporting companies/ ”shells” do not have, nor do they require, a complex internal control environment that might exist in a Fortune 500 company. As such, we are able to streamline the process and provide a deliverable that truly captures the company’s internal control environment, and which allows the external firms to efficiently execute their testing and opine on the results.

Security and Business Risk Analysis

Business opportunities in high-to-extreme risk environments have critical security requirements. Accurately assessing these requirements is essential before making major decisions.  Our Affiliates understand the high-risk challenges, and advises its clients on how to best protect its personnel, assets and reputation.

Our Affiliates possess a network of analysts throughout the Latin American Region capable of providing the specific information required by the client to make those crucial decisions in a complex environment.

Security Consulting

Our Affiliates services can include the design and audit of entire programs, personal security advice and training for executives, families and employees in difficult environments.

Share-Based Compensation

One of the most common issues facing companies today is how to properly account for share-based compensation in accordance with ASC Topic 718 [formerly FAS 123(R)]. Related topics that our Affiliates are able to address include the valuation of stock options and other equity vehicles, including the development of required assumptions for the Black-Scholes option-pricing model, the Lattice (binomial) model, and the Monte Carlo simulation, which all better approximate compensation expense.

Tax Services

Our Affiliates provide tax accrual consulting and analysis services for public and private companies to assist them with the requirements under FAS 109 and FIN 48.  They possess expertise in domestic (federal and state) and international income tax matters, and provide the following services:

  • FAS 109 Calculation and Analysis – Assist with quarterly and annual tax provision calculations, perform return-to-provision analyses, calculate valuation allowances as needed, and prepare financial statement footnote disclosures
  • Tax Rate/Effective Tax Rate Analysis – Determine a company’s effective tax rate, which will ultimately impact the bottom line, whether it is for long-term tax planning, or for quarterly or annual reporting
  • Tax Balance Sheet Analysis – Reconcile tax balance sheet accounts, and independently substantiate the future utilization of deferred tax assets
  • Tax Process Automation – Address inefficient and/or manual processes by automating information flow between the general ledger and the tax provision
  • Technical Advisory Consultation – Advise on complex technical interpretations and assess the overall impact on the company

Valuation Services

The complexity, diversity, and proliferation of financial instruments in recent years have intensified the demand for overall valuation services.  Our teams provide valuation, quantitative modeling, and related consultative services for various types of financial instruments, including financial derivatives and structured products, as well as commodities and other investment vehicles.  Services include analyses and assessments, as well as assistance in developing internal capabilities, models, systems, and processes.

  • Fraud and abuse;
  • Whistleblowing allegations;
  • Accounts misstatement;
  • Asset misappropriation;
  • Intellectual property rights infringements;
  • Bribery and corruption (US FCPA and UK Bribery Act);
  • Embezzlement;
  • Security risk;
  • Related party transactions;
  • Conflicts of interest;
  • Regulatory compliance.