May 22, 2020 Announcements

Chorus Consulting Partners with Ground Labs

HOUSTON, TX – May 18, 2020
Chorus Consulting partners with Ground Labs to provide a complimentary solution to help organizations with remote workforces manage sensitive data.

Enterprise Recon NOW will be available to organizations for 90 days to access Ground Labs’ award-winning , Enterprise Recon solution, enabling the ability to discover, remediate and monitor over 300 data types from a single platform specifically for remote workers, including full complimentary support from Chorus Consulting.

John Myers, Founder and Managing Member of Chorus Consulting, said “Chorus is excited about our relationship with Ground Labs. Trust is built over time — and yet can be shattered instantly. Treating data as a component of trust and addressing data risk, known and unknown, helps maintain that trust.”

Myers added: “Organizations need to manage their customer and employee data in order to remain compliant — so it’s critical to understand where that data resides in order to secure it. Trends like BYOD, telecommuting and multi-cloud storage frameworks mean your data can be almost anywhere — on your network, in the cloud or on an employee’s desktop.”

Chorus manages data collections, provides proactive and reactive discovery tools and information governance expertise. Their clients include US and multi-national companies, US and international law firms, and government agencies.

Their expertise and services include:
Data privacy and data security solutions
Identification and Deletion/Destruction of Unnecessary Information (electronic and hard copy)
Organization-wide Records Retention Policy Development
Department Level Record Retention Schedules
Data Mapping and Data Inventory Creation
Legal Retention Requirements Research and Compliance Audits
Identification of PII and Other Sensitive Information
Implementation of Secure Records Repository Applications

For more information about our combined services, visit Chorus Consulting and Ground Labs